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Cost-Benefit Analysis -- Just the Basics!

How do you know which IT alternative is “best”? How do you show decision makers and stakeholders that you are recommending the most advantageous IT solution? This book shows you how to get the answers step-by-step. From RMS. More…


11-Steps to Writing Winning Budget Justifications (2nd Ed.)

Writing clear, concise, and fact-based justifications for IT expenses is a challenge for everyone. This guide is designed to help anyone write faster and better explanations of IT spending needs in business terms. From RMS. More…


How To Build a Business Case
The Practical Guide to Persuasive Business Case Writing

You have spent a great deal of time and effort formulating a sound project idea. You're ready to go - but, first you need to get management buy-in. You know that without their approval, your project is going nowhere.

Now you have to "pitch" your project to management. If you're like 99% of the technical and business professionals facing the same challenge, you stare at the screen and ask the two fundamental questions: what am I supposed to say, and how am I going to say it? This book, and the Companion CD-ROM, will tell you the answers and show you how to do it. More…




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