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The Best Best Practices
CIO Research reveals the basic building blocks of IT as a business. Includes: The 5 Most Effective Practices; The 10 Most Utilized Practices; The 5 ROI Winners & Losers. At

The New Competencies in IT
As the mission of IT shops changes from technology mechanic to innovation leader, CIOs must hire and develop a new kind of employee. Sidebar: Gartner's Twenty-five New IS Competencies. At

A Cry for Full-Cycle Governance
Governance should be the decision rights and accountability framework to encourage the desirable behavior in the use of IT. However, in reality, what passes for governance is often a one-dimensional checklist- based effort focused solely on project cost and approval. From InformationWeek Magazine

How to Run IT Like a Business
Evolving from a cost center, IT is taking on the character, rigor and practices of a business within a business. It won't be easy, but for CIOs it's a matter of survival. At

Why IT Doesn't Matter Anymore
From a practical standpoint, the most important lesson to be learned from earlier infrastructural technologies may be this: When a resource becomes essential to competition but inconsequential to strategy, the risks it creates become more important than the advantages it provides. In the long run, though, the greatest IT risk facing most companies is more prosaic than a catastrophe. It is, simply, overspending. At

Why IT Does Matter
HBS professors McFarlan and Nolan respond to the much-discussed assertion that company investments in IT are less and less likely to produce competitive advantage. At

IT Doesn’t/Does Matter: An Interview
You read the doesn’t/does matter articles, now read follow-up as Nick Carr expands his controversial thesis regarding IT's strategic importance. At

Governance Falls into CIO's Lap
On top of everything else that they are doing, CIOs are being charged with helping their CEOs and CFOs comply with the corporate governance regulations in the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. At

Governance as Catalyst: The New Management System
The Sarbanes-Oxley Act and other corporate governance regulations are pushing businesses to do something serious about how they manage business processes for both financial and operational objectives. A process-based management system is what's needed - and could be the focus of innovative technology to come. At

Clear Steering
When they're running on course, steering committees let CIOs share the responsibilities--and the risks--of aligning IT with the business. At

Governance and Oversight of Large Information Technology Projects
Comprehensive study of IT project and process issues in the New Zeland government issued by The Auditor-General and Controller. At

Deciding Factors
A strong, efficient governance process is practically the definition of resourcefulness. Put these governance practices to work to maximize the value of your IT projects and processes. At

A More Perfect Union?
IT ''governance'' may enable companies to drive technology strategy, not just steer it. At

Ten Principles of IT Governance
Principles to provide leaders with a succinct summary to use as a primer, refresher, or checklist as they refine their IT governance approach and processes. At

The No. 1 Challenge: Managing Expectations
The biggest challenge for CIOs is business executives' unrealistic expectations of what IT can do. Here's how to lead business to a more realistic understanding of IT's role. At

Be Inquisitive
Longtime CIO advocates a full-cycle approach to IT governance; that means: clearly articulating business strategy, a corresponding IT strategy, and then setting up an IT portfolio that supports the overall business goals. At

Time To Change
Catalog retailer Lillian Vernon learned the hard way how critical change management can be to a turnaround. Sidebar: Road Map For Change Management. At

The CIO’s Dilemma
This article explores the business dilemma for the CIO, namely to hold down costs, innovate for an agile future, and decide what to do with legacy systems. Each taken on its own is a formidable challenge. Can there be a way to deal with all three at once? To answer this, we have to turn the world over, to look at things from an unconventional perspective. At

Fighting Complexity In IT
More than 150 companies spent over $1 billion on their technology operations in 2001; ten years ago, only 50 shelled out this much. Among Global 500 companies, overall IT budgets have more than doubled since the mid-1990s. Now they are being cut. A few companies have decided that IT cost-cutting provides an opportunity to untangle their systems and projects. These companies are looking to the longer run, transforming their business activities and IT processes in ways that will strengthen their systems and, at the same time, eliminate the deeper causes of bloated IT spending. At

Utility Computing: The Meter System
Utility computing aims to transform IT into a pay-as-you go service. That sounds far simpler than it is. At

Taking a Closer Look Into IT Governance Globally
IT Governance Institute commissioned PricewaterhouseCoopers Brussels to survey a number of sectors (including IT/telecom, financial services, manufacturing and the public sector) on the subject of governance. Read a summary of the survey results. At

For Good Measure
When CIOs stop thinking like cost centers and start thinking like business partners, IT will begin to earn its keep. Organizations hate to admit it, but the ugly truth is that three out of four IT initiatives fail. Why? They were basically developed in a value vacuum. Translation: They had no real connection to the profit and loss drivers of the business, so no business unit had a vested interest in their success. At

Audit Your Technology Infrastructure
IT audits are moving into the mainstream as regulatory compliance, risk management, and information security become higher corporate priorities. At

You Bought It, Now Audit
Your technology infrastructure can be audited -- and probably should be. At

A New Metrics System for IT
How Cisco is approaching the Holy Grail of truly measuring IT value. At

Getting IT Spending Right This Time
Who can blame executives if half a decade of overspending on information technology now makes them obsessed with costs? Companies in much of the world are capping their IT expenditures. Some even peg the performance bonuses of chief information officers to how much money they cut from technology budgets. At



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