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Business Case


Show ITs Not a Gimmick
Proving to business leaders that new technology is not just a gimmick. At

How to Make Your Best Case
A strong business case is critical for effective IT decision-making, and having one is more important than
ever with the increased scrutiny on IT project selection. At

Make Your Best Business Case
Successful government project proposals do more than comply with request and procurement procedures.  
They persuade  budget analysts that the proposal is a sound investment. At

Focus On The Process
IT managers and vendors have to deliver better business processes, not just better technology. The
importance of changing business processes to get full value out of IT investments is a concept that's been
floating around for years. At

5 Tips for Better Business Cases
But many agency officials could still use some coaching on how to prepare the yearly justifications and
spending plans they must submit to OMB officials each September. Government-oriented worth reading
for all. At

Don't Ignore the Intangibles
Even benefits that are hard to quantify can be an important part of a successful business case.

Forging Innovation From Disruption
Disruptive-innovation theory suggests relatively simple, straight-forward technological solutions can trump
powerful incumbents. The trick now is separating the true conceptual gems from the merely different ideas.

Plugging Leaky Business Cases
An airtight business case is an important step toward ensuring the IT project payoff. At

IT's Fiscal Squeeze
The Odyssey Project reveals CIOs' willingness to make the most of affordable-IT mandates.

ROI's Secret Ingredient
Numbers aren't everything. Don't underestimate the importance of weaving a good story into
your business case. At

Real Value - Make It Clear
Sometimes your business case stories fall on the deaf ears of executives who don't understand IT value.
Here's how to ensure your project requests won't be rejected. At




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