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IT-Business Skills Training

RMS delivers IT-business skills training to corporate technology, business,
and finance professionals in every major sector.

For Business

Finance to Pharmaceuticals

Whether it’s an investment bank applications development team that needs to quantify the value of trading apps, or a the environmental compliance group that must learn how to justify the cost of web-based chemical data sheets, RMS has a course designed to meet the need.

RMS’ clients include: Astra-Zenica, Bank of America, Chubb, Lehman, Merrill-Lynch, & Merck.


High-Tech Manufacturing to Consumer Products

Organizations that make high-tech equipment and products for the consumer market face the same challenges when choosing information technology hardware, software and services.  For instance, a newly formed internal IT-business strategy group needs to implement a corporate standard for IT cost-benefit analysis that both tech and business people can learn and apply quickly. 

RMS’ clients include: Delta Faucit, (FRENCH TELE), Frito-Lay, Intel, Lexmark, and NCR.


Software to Security Product Vendors

Just as internal IT and business groups have been forced to adopt a “more business-like” approach to selecting information technology and meeting value expectations, so to have the organizations that sell IT products and services. No longer willing to buy based upon “features and functions”, business savvy IT customers want a sound business case, a solid cost-benefit analysis, and credible ROI numbers.

RMS’ clients include: Microsoft, Checkpoint, Verizon, and many “niche” vendors.


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