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Cost-Benefit Analysis


Cost-Benefit Analysis - Definition (1)
A simple, straightforward definition. At

Cost-Benefit Analysis - Definition (2)
Another straightforward cost-benefit analysis definition. At

An Introduction to Cost-Benefit Analysis
CBA - an economics perspective. Some points are not directly relevant at the IT project-level. However, most of the well-stated principles are applicable. At

Benefit/Cost Analysis: Introduction
Cost-Benefit Analysis and Benefit/Cost Analysis are synonymous.  Another useful explanation of CBA Basics. At Minnesota State University, Mankato.

Cost-Benefit Analysis - Description
The opening paragraphs of this article are a very useful, high-level view of the CBA technique. At University of Tennessee,  Knoxville.

To Outsource or Not to Outsource
Four critical factors to consider before deciding whether to outsource a project. At

Real Options: The IT Investment Risk-Buster
Call it what you will, decision-makers have choices and how well you explain them in terms of the pros (benefits), cons (costs), and risks can make a difference which option (a.k.a., project, alternative, solution, etc.) they choose. At

Is Subscription Software Pricing the Best Option? Yes/No.
CIOs can lock in predictable costs, upgrades, and better service with subscription software licenses, argues one expert. Another counters that subscription software licenses often prove to be more expensive and provide less value than perpetual licenses. At

Enterprise Apps: Buy Or Build?
InformationWeek Research surveyed 200 IT executives to weigh the pros and cons of custom and packaged apps; here are the results. At

Four Steps to More Effective Network Services
If you're clear about your needs and priorities, choosing the best network services for your company doesn't have to be mind-boggling. At



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