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Spend Justification


Decision Support: Communication Tactics for Tech Budget Approval
At one time or another, you may be asked to prepare a full-blown study and/or financial plan for a high-end IT project. Not only does that mean you have to break out of your usual role as technical problem-solver, but you’re also faced with the formidable task to "speak English" to win your nontechnical decision-makers' collective nod. At

Bulletproof Your IT Budget
With or without a formal committee, when it comes to successful budgeting, IT executives say it's all about backing up your numbers. At

Bottom-Line Redux
Pay attention to how your peers brief the CEO and CFO. Their plans address how they will either save or make money for the company. At

Words Fail Them
Security professionals struggle to put some hard numbers on a line item that defies easy analysis. At

Five Keys for Getting Your IT Initiatives Funded
Have you ever had a problem getting a commitment from your company to implement an IT initiative that you just know is the right thing to do? If so, this article may spark some ideas that will improve your technology proposal approval rate. There are at least five questions we need to ask ourselves when trying to get approval to launch a new technology initiative. At

It's What's Inside That Counts
Obsessed with controlling costs, the storage management field is in danger of missing the point: To manage infrastructure with a focus on data-the lifeblood of enterprise intelligence. At

Wireless Budget Justification
Justify your wireless technology investment. At

Vetting Value
At the Visiting Nurses Service of New York, IT project requests go through a rigorous, multi-stage process prior to approval and funding. At

Beyond FUD and ROSI: Effectively Justifying the Cost of Security
Fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD)—used to suffice in justifying budgets for deploying the latest security gizmos, bells, and whistles. But in today's strictly cost-effective business environment, where financial officers have a higher tolerance for scare tactics, IT security pros must come up with more tangible reasons to defend their budget requests. At

Drill Down to Cost-Estimate a Potential Disaster
To fund a disaster recovery plan, you need to justify the cost. To do that, you must drill down to the nitty-gritty of what customer dissatisfaction and loss of customer service means in real figures. At

Let Other Departments Justify Their It Use
Divide responsibility for justifying IT spending across the business - only 25% of UK IT directors believe that measuring the value of IT investments is an important part of their job, according to a survey last month in Computer Weekly. At

Budgeting on the Softer Side
Driving nonfinancial metrics into a budget is like trying to pound a square peg into a round hole. For example, proving a direct correlation between employee training and profitability is tough. But some companies have shown it can work — and Wall Street has taken notice. From

OMB To Agencies: Justify That It Spending
As the White House detailed each agency’s share of the $59.3 billion earmarked for IT in the president’s fiscal 2004 budget request, one thing became clear: The administration will increase its pressure on agencies to justify their IT investments. At



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