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FAQs:  IT Investments

FAQs & Glossaries

IT Investments

1. What is ROI and How is It Used [click here]

Q. What is ROI? How is it used to help make information technology / information system decisions?

2. Business Cases vs. Budget Justifications [click here]

Q. Is a "business case" the same as a "budget justification"?

3. Usage of ROI Calculations in IT Project Decisions [click here]

Q. How widespread is the use of ROI calculations to make IT project decisions? Who uses it?

4. The Importance of a Business Case [click here]

Q. What is a Business Case?

5. Business Case Checklist [click here]

Q. Can you provide a general checklist of the elements of an IT business case?

6. What Are The Firm's Strategic Goals [click here]

Q. I understand the need to align IT projects with my Firm’s strategic goals; but, nobody tells me what they are. Any suggestions about how I can find out?

7. Federal Government Management of IT [click here]

Q. How can we get our agency program managers more involved in managing IT?




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