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IT-Business Skills Training

Public sessions for Individuals and Small Groups Delivered in New York City

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2013 Schedule:  All available dates are completely booked through October 2013. Our Winter 2013 schedule will be announced October 2013.

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RMS 2013 Open-Enrollment
Workshop Schedule (To be announced 10/1/13)

IT Investment Management Best Practices
This seminar provides a high-level overview of best practices leading organizations use to select, control, and assess IT projects and activities. Learn the techniques and tools leading IT organizations use to assure performance, results, and delivery on commitments.

How to Build an IT Business Case
An IT ďbusiness caseĒ is a structured argument that proves the need to invest money in information technology. Quality cases follow established format and content conventions that can be learned and applied quickly. Learn which facts to present (and what to avoid) and how to build a logical, credible case for your project or initiative.
How to Perform a Cost-Benefit Analysis (Basic)
The ďbestĒ technology solution is rarely self-evident to decision-makers. Technology professionals and business analysts are expected to provide a fact-based assessment of costs, benefits, risks and returns of plausible options. Learn the simple, yet credible, procedure anyone can follow. This is a very basic, plain-English introduction.
How to Perform a Cost-Benefit Analysis II (Intermediate)
This workshop builds upon the foundation skills and CBA methodology learned in CBA I (Basics). Participants learn to apply the basic CBA methodology, techniques and tools to more complex IT-business analysis scenarios. Illustrative examples and class exercises are more complicated and challenging.
Whatís the ROI? How to Quantify ITís Real Value
Return on Investment (ROI) is about quantifying the business value of information technology. Value may be financial or non-financial. Pinpointing ITís real value isnít about math; it is about learning how to visualize value from the stakeholder point of view. Learn a practical step-by-step process that can be used immediately.
IT Business Performance Indicators & Metrics
Indicators and metrics are numeric and graphical representations of physical events. Much like a carís speedometer or roadside milepost, they enable management to quickly "visualize" where the IT organizationís projects and operations are in relation to where it is committed to be. Participants learn the basics and practice by developing a set of their own key IT business performance indicators in-session.
IT Budgeting Basics
Knowing what budgets are, how they work, and the basic terminology is a prerequisite for anyone that plans or manages IT. Yet, budgets and budgeting continue to be a source of confusion and frustration to most non-financial professionals. This fast-paced course demystifies the process, explains the documents, and translates the language of budgeting into plain English.
Budget Planning & Management for IT Projects
One of the attributes of an effective project manager is the ability to "manage to a budget". This is clear challenge for technical professionals who may have little or no budget management training or experience. Building upon the high-level understanding of budgeting developed in the IT Budgeting Basics course, participants learn the essential skills for planning and managing IT project budgets.
How to Justify IT Expenses
Projects don't justify themselves; that's why written budget justifications are needed. An effective justification is a concise "decision package" that tells decision-makers what they need to know to make informed budget decisions. Learn how to explain project and recurring activity budget needs in terms decision-makers understand.
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