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IT-Business Skills Training

RMS has extensive experience training local, state, and federal government
technical and program professionals throughout the United States.

3. Policies and Guidelines


A course description is available online to the customer for distribution to potential attendees. RMS strongly recommends that only those with the appropriate prerequisite skills (when required) participate in the course.

Each course has a standard maximum number of recommended participants. An additional fee per student per day will be assessed, if the maximum is exceeded.

Course Completion Certificates

Certificates will be sent to you after the course, if requested, and only for participants who complete the course and the daily training roster.

Course Print Materials

RMS provides one copy of print course materials for each attendee. Please note that all course materials are copyrighted and duplication is not permitted.

Course Multimedia Materials

RMS has invested in the design and development of proprietary multimedia programs and presentations to enhance the class learning experience. Instructors are not authorized to copy, print or otherwise make these materials available to clients except in the delivery of scheduled class training presentations. If a customer wants a copy of select portions of the training multimedia presentation that is not included in participant workbooks or class handouts, please have an officer write to: Vice President, Resource Management Systems, Inc., 30 Fifth Avenue, Suite 4-G, New York, NY 10011 to discuss possible licensing arrangements.

Course Hours

Standard course hours are from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily, with 15 minute breaks in the morning and afternoon and one hour for lunch. If this does not fit the customer's normal work schedule, or there are special needs, please notify RMSí Training Representative to make any necessary changes.

Class Facilities

Unless otherwise arranged in writing and in advance, customer is responsible for furnishing all facilities and equipment required to conduct the course, including but not limited to audiovisual equipment, and classroom space. All facilities must be safe and conducive for learning.

Student Computers

Students do not need a computer to complete most courses. Many participants have found PC notebooks helpful for notetaking and other purposes.

Purchase Orders

Customer purchase orders are accepted as an administrative convenience to established customers. Terms and conditions not agreed to in writing and signed on behalf of Resource Management Systems, Inc. do not apply.


RMS must receive any nondisclosure documents 3 weeks prior to any service. No service provider has the authority to sign a nondisclosure agreement upon arrival for a service.


Travel expenses for SAS staff are additional. Expenses include round trip coach airfare, rental car including gas or local transportation, hotel and per diem meal expenses. If the customer cancels the course, the customer will be responsible for expenses associated with nonrefundable airline tickets purchased for RMS staff.

Cancellation Policy

You must cancel no later than 14 days before the scheduled start date to avoid a 25% cancellation penalty (25% of the published applicable fee). To cancel, the customer lead should call the RMS Training Representative.

RMS will work on a best-effort basis to schedule alternative dates. Rescheduling training less than 14 days prior to the original start date of the course is considered a cancellation of training and the 25% penalty will be charged. However, please note that if non-refundable airline tickets have been purchased at the customer's request for RMS staff, the customer's organization will be responsible for these expenses.

Recording Devices

With the exception of accommodations made for disabled students, SAS strictly prohibits the use of audio or video recording devices during training sessions.



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