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Portfolio Approach


IT Portfolio Management: Analyze This
The fundamentals of portfolio management are being applied to corporate technology assets. At

Portfolio Payoff
Do you want a pair of high-powered binoculars to see where your organization is spending IT dollars and whether these investments help achieve business outcomes? Then IT portfolio management may be well worth considering. At

Facing IT Portfolio Management
No longer IT's problem, business and finance take equal responsibility to increase confidence and do the right thing; a CIO shows the way. At

The Portfolio Management Troika
The IT portfolio represents the collection of projects, expenditures, and existing technology investments. IT portfolio management includes oversight, management, and control of the current and proposed components of the portfolio. The data and talent to properly manage the portfolio usually resides with different groups within the IT organization the office of the CIO, the IT finance organization, and the project management office (PMO). At

Return to Value
Align IT with corporate strategy: When every IT dollar must count, what was once a pipe dream has become a critical imperative. Portfolio management could give you the means to deliver. At

De-Mystifying Portfolio Management
Vendors tout their project portfolio tools and talk about, "eliminating under-performing assets in a portfolio" by following a "rationalization" process. What does all this mean? The answer to this question lies in understanding all the areas that comprise an IT portfolio and the management disciplines needed to maintain the different areas of the portfolio. At

Project Portfolio Management
Project portfolio management organizes a series of projects into a single portfolio consisting of reports that capture project objectives, costs, timelines, accomplishments, resources, risks and other critical factors. Executives can then regularly review entire portfolios, spread resources appropriately and adjust projects to produce the highest departmental returns. At

Project Portfolio Management (PPM): Aligning business and IT
This article introduces Project Portfolio Management, or PPM, a strategy that involves managing a project portfolio much as you would manage a portfolio of diverse financial investments. By using PPM, organizations can align their IT projects and resources with corporate business objectives. At

Project Portfolio Management Isn't Enough
Although PPM has provided business executives with a better view into the value of IT projects, it concentrates only on new investments in the portfolio. PPM tools don't account for the systems (applications & infrastructure) that the business relies on day in and day out. Projects can represent as little as 25% of the entire IT portfolio, which means that three-quarters of an organization's IT business is not being monitored, aligned or measured. At

Portfolio Management: How to Do It Right
Portfolio management is a tool with clear benefits, among them a holistic view of IT projects across the enterprise and the alignment of IT with corporate strategy. But it isn't easy. From CIO Magazine

Powerful Portfolios
Good portfolio management requires both a 30,000-foot view and a picture from ground level. Companies must visualize their IT portfolios on multiple levels and at different stages for a true and thorough perspective of their IT investments. To gain the holistic view necessary for portfolio management, investments should be viewed in aggregate and placed into categories, with the percent of IT spend apportioned across each. At

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained
CIOs are in a unique position to lead their company's enterprise investment strategy. If they have the nerve. From CIO Magazine

IT Portfolio Mix All Wrong
Up to 80% of IT portfolios are out of balance and most do not recognise the relationship between assets and projects, according to a 2004 study. At

Maximizing Return on IT Investments With Enterprise Portfolio Management: Part 1 of 2
Enterprise portfolio management, an approach to managing internal corporate investments that's gaining momentum, gives organizations the ability not only to successfully complete a large and growing percentage of projects, but also to more accurately align enterprise projects with business goals and values to deliver promised business benefits. At

Maximizing Return on IT Investments With Enterprise Portfolio Management: Part 2 of 2
In the second installment of a two-part case study the chief portfolio officer at AAA , discusses how the company's newly formed enterprise portfolio management office (EPMO) aligned AAA's projects with its new corporate strategy for IT investments and shows how other companies can replicate this success. At



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