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Get Your Project Funded - 5 Steps to Improve the Odds
Developing project justifications on very short notice is no easy task; yet, many IT professionals find themselves challenged to do just that.  Getting the funding you need to carry out important work means submitting proposals that contain the key information decision makers need and want.  This five-step approach will help anyone do it better and faster.  At


Cost-Benefit Analysis: The Basic Idea
Most professionals recognize the term; many organizations require a cost-benefit analysis ("CBA") before a project can be approved.  Yet, many are unclear about what a CBA really is or what it's supposed to do.  This short presentation explains the CBA in plain language anyone will understand.
Runtime: Approximately 9 minutes.  At

What is Project Management?
Whether you are a recent grad or preparing for your first project assignment, understanding what people mean by "project management" is essential.  This video provides sound basic advice for anyone preparing for their first project management assignment.
Runtime: Approximately 4 minutes.  
From Accenture / At

Top Project Deliverables
In straightforward, easy to understand terms, this presentation identifies and explains the main deliverables of a project at each core phase.  The "deliverables diagram" is a sound planning tool.
Runtime: Approximately 10 minutes.  At

Typical Project Phases
This presentation opens with a basic description of the purpose and role of four typical project phases: initiation, planning, execution, and closing.  This is followed by a description of the relationship between the phases.
Runtime: Approximately 10 minutes.  At

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