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Return On Investment (ROI)


What is ROI?
A plain-English answer to one of the questions most frequently asked by the business and IT pros that visit our website. At

Measure Up, Or Move Out
Which ROI metrics are most popular? Interesting statistics on the use of ROI measures and metrics based upon a survey. At

Why Doesn’t Your ROI Add Up?
Y2K and the e-commerce gold rush made ROI analysis little more than an empty formality at most organizations. Now ROI is back. Seven tips to see if your method measures up. At

There's More Than Cost Benefits To Consider When Analyzing IT ROI
Look at six broad categories for quantifiable benefits when analyzing the value of IT investments. At

Measure Up, Or Move Out
Statistics on the use of various ROI metrics and related matters. RMS Note: The most popular metric cited in the survey - “ROI” – refers to “profitability”. In today’s integrated environment, stablishing a tangible and direct link between an IT project and ultimate corporate “profit” is a measurement challenge few organizations are equipped to perform credibly or cost effectively. At

Payback Time: Making Sure ROI Measures Up
IT managers know they have to go back to ROI basics. The hard part is finding the right approach. At

Understanding the Time Value of Money
If you want to make sense of the numbers produced by ROI calculations, you should understand the "time value of money" (TVM) concept. This article provides a good explanation in terms non-financial professionals will understand. At

Rethinking ROI -- E-Business: Strategic Investment
Many companies are tossing out conventional thinking about the need for a ROI on E-business initiatives and focusing on how they advance their overall business strategy. This article offers useful insights for IT professionals. At

ROI: The Age of Reason
Companies have been letting IT investments spiral out of control. But CFOs are fighting back. At

How Will You Invest Your IT Dollars?
There's precious little money for IT investments this year, but the cash Premier 100 leaders do have to spend will go toward projects with minimal risk and surefire payoff. At

Measuring ROI Costs & Benefits from Your Web Site
An approach to calculating the ROI of a web site; examples of how several organizations are doing it. At

ROI: Results Often Immeasurable?
Despite a torrent of interest in ROI calculations, truly workable solutions are just beginning to emerge. At

What's the Investment Worth?
How do companies account for investments in "knowledge-management" projects? This article discusses how Shell Oil Co. seeks to project the return. At

Measuring Business Value of IT Investments
It's hard to quantify the return on IT investments, but it's in IT's best interests to help in the documentation effort. At

ROI: Mad to Measure
Calculating the return on E-business investments isn't easy, but that doesn't stop companies from trying. Cost-Benefit Analysis and ROI are key tools at this firm. At

What's Your ROI?
Tools and services can help calculate, quantify IT's effect, but none are perfect. At

Wireless ROI
Learn how to improve wireless ROI. At

ROI Communication
Apply ROI as a persuasive communication method--not just analysis. At

Report Says Most Portal Projects Fail To Deliver Enterprise Benefits
Study faults high infrastructure and application integration costs, as well as projects not being tied to specific business processes. At

Into the Light
Some IT processes, such as those focusing on supporting customers, are difficult to quantify and are therefore hidden. But it is possible to bring such value out of the shadows. At

The Proof is in the Project
Whether it's forecasting the return on an IT investment over time, evaluating financial feasible, or deciding when to terminate projects, measurement of ROI is becoming critical to the financial-services industry. Read about how Merill Lynch is using ROI to define the value of IT investments. At

There's No Value Without Accountability & Execution
Two IBM Global Services executives discuss IT ROI in the insurance industry. Note the emphasis on IT - Business value measures. At

Getting Tough on ROI
Organizations take different approaches to ROI definition; the common theme is tying IT investments to quantifyable financial and non financial business impacts. At

Calculated Risk
Explaining the ROI of IT security investments is never easy. This article has some good tips. A suggestion to security pros: drop the acronym “ROSI”; “ROI” will suffice! There is one tip that could be added: Speak to top-level decision-makers in a language they understand! See a related slideshow presentation below. At

Value Judgments
Using simple numeric terms to define value can be dangerous, according to a panel of IS pros who give their views on the changing relationship of IT systems and the businesses they support. From -  at

E-Business: Strategic Investment
For many companies, launching Internet initiatives that advance strategic goals is more important than getting hard-dollar return. At

Find Your Network ROI
The real trick is demonstrating to top management how the dollars and cents pay off. This article outlines steps to make sure the return on investment of your network infrastructure is visible. At



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