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About RMS

RMS provides advisory assistance to
not-for-profit and community groups that require our unique analytic expertise.

Who We Are

Education: Children With Physical Disabilities & Health Impairments

RMS staff provided technical advice on the design and development of an information program to demonstrate the value of a high-tech teaching facility dedicated to empowering students to enable them to be active, independent, self sufficient participants in society.

Environment and Public Safety: New Hampshire to Oklahoma

Community, environmental, and Native American groups requested RMS’ business analysis expertise in matters affecting public and worker safety and environmental protection. RMS’ analysis and expert testimony foreshowed technology and business process failures, identified correctable safety system failure scenarios, and enabled more informed public, business, and government decisions.

Community Services Management: Technology Selection

Management of a local community services organization were in a quandary – accept and deploy donated IT from many sources or spend scarce financial resources to acquire up-to-date, supportable and compatible technology. RMS’ professionals taught social service professionals how to evaluate their options and get the best value from the right combination of donated and acquired technology.


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