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IT-Business Skills Training

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Public & In-House Training

Please complete this form if you need additional information, a quote, or to reserve seminar dates for your next training needs.  We work with you to make it happen!  Whether you have 2 people to train or 100, RMS has a training option for you.  Not sure which course(s) is right for you?  Fill out this form and we will be happy to make a recommendation.

Thank you in advance for contacting RMS for your training needs!


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1.  Would you like a quote for the seminars below?  If yes, please specify method.

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2.  Which courses are you interested in? 

   Foundation Course
Foundation Course
IT Investment Management Best Practices
   IT Investment Planning
How to Build an IT Business Case
How to Perform a Cost-Benefit Analysis:  Basic
How to Perform a Cost-Benefit Analysis II:  Intermediate Techniques 
What's the ROI?  How to Quantify IT's Real Value
   IT Performance Management
Intro to IT Business Performance Management Systems
Building the Framework for Performance Management
IT Business Performance Indicators and Metrics
   IT Budget Planning and Management
Budgeting Basics for IT Professionals
Budget Planning and Management for IT Projects
How to Justify IT Expenses

3.  Where would you like the training delivered?

4.  What type(s) of personnel would participate (e.g. project managers, business analysts)?

5.  What information would you like to receive?

6.  Would you like to speak with one of our trainers? (No one will call you unless you enter "Yes".)

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7.  Not sure which seminar is right for you?  Please briefly describe your situation and what you would like to accomplish and/or indicate the business skills you would like to acquire.  




For more information, call us at (212) 633-2001 or e-mail us at

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