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Strategic Alignment


Why We’re Still Talking About Alignment
Since the age of vacuum tubes, dot matrix printers and green-screen monitors, IT executives have been obsessed with the concept of alignment, meaning how closely an organization's IT strategy is interwoven with and driving its overall business strategy. At

Bridging the CEO-CIO Disconnect
Business and IT executives differ in their perceptions of strategic and operational IT issues, from IT's strategic role to its performance. Many of these business leaders believe IT is tactically focused and that the best technology innovations come from the business side. Unless significant changes are made, those differences may continue to define—and possibly limit—IT's strategic role. At

CFOs Cite Poor Alignment Between IT, Business
Study reports that 44% of CFOs cited weak alignment between IT and business strategies, with another 4% saying there's no alignment between those groups at all. Find out what some organizations are doing about it. At

What Is Standing Between You and Alignment?
Read what IT pros have to say about this issue. At

Where's the Beef?
The first step to determining and measuring value is to create categories for your company's business goals and then prioritize your IT initiatives within them. At

Methods For Management
The focus of this article is management issues related to application availability; however, many of the key points are generally pertinent to IT management in general. At

Keep IT Simple, Stupid
As new software and IT services increase in complexity, the need for a unifying strategy is more important than ever. At

What is Alignment?
Aligning information systems to corporate goals has emerged as the number one concern over the last five years in surveys of information systems executives. Alignment is the delivery of the required results. At

The Powers That Should Be
Should IT decisions have to reflect the goals of the business and engage the attention of the business? From CIO Magazine

Alignment By The Numbers
You'll save money when you align IT with business. And that starts with your reporting structure. See the statistics and take the self-assessment alignment test. At

Executives' Views On IT Hurts Spending
Study finds that, while 70% of senior executives at large corporations agree that information technology is relevant to growth, 60% say IT is actually inhibiting their growth efforts. The perception is affecting tech spending. Poor strategic alignment is the culprit. At

Bridging the CIO/CEO Credibility Gap
Mention it at a professional gathering and expect instant recognition: every CIO knows what you're talking about when you mention the "IT credibility gap". At

It Must Have Role In Developing An Effective Business Plan
The only way companies can achieve true strategic alignment is with IT at the table helping to shape enterprise goals from the beginning of the process. At

Bifocal IS Management
IS executive's vision should be balanced between the long-term "horizon" and daily operations; article includes a short self-test "quiz". From InformationWeek Magazine

Putting IT Theory Into Practice
Charting a brilliant alignment course is easy; getting it implemented is the real challenge. At

Align Yourself Today
Failure to communicate in a language decision-makers understand can undermine "alignment" efforts. From InformationWeek Magazine.

Optimizing Business Performance: Using IT for Competitive Advantage (Part 1 of 3)
The link between enterprise performance and effective IT management is clearly emerging. Organizations that are leaders in their markets and industries are better at using IT to enable business strategy. Leaders deploy IT more strategically, and in doing so maximize the impact IT has on corporate performance. At

Optimizing Business Performance: Using IT for Competitive Advantage, Part II (Part 2 of 3)
Aligning IT and business strategy is a key IT-business challenge. Many organizations believe they have achieved “alignment”; few can point to hard facts. At

Optimizing Business Performance: Using IT for Competitive Advantage, Part III (Part 3 of 3)
Leading organizations invest where there is the greatest potential return, instead of following historical budgetary patterns. Leading organizations also execute better and get the “best” return on their IT investments by improving business value, reducing operating costs and decreasing time to results. At

How To Develop An IT Strategic Plan
Developing an IT strategy will help better-align your department with the business. This requires identification of the businessgoals, objectives, priorities, and results and then using them to build your IT road map. At

IT/Business Alignment: Delivering Results
Successful IT/business alignment means developing and sustaining a mutually symbiotic relationship between IT and business - a relationship that benefits both parties. Article highlights six alignment perspectives. At

Limitations of Strategizing
Some of the challenges to maintaining "strategic alignment." From InformationWeek Magazine.

The Greatest Threat to CIO Success
CIOs are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Growing demand for new IT capabilities and high soaring payorr expectations versus greatly constrained resources. There's only one way out: better strategic planning and business alignment. At



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