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IT Investment Management Best Practices

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IT Investment Management Best Practices

IT Investment Management Best Practices -- One-Day Seminar:   This seminar provides a high-level overview of best practices leading organizations use to select, control, and assess IT projects and activities.  Learn the techniques and tools leading IT organizations use to assure performance, results, and delivery on commitments.

IT's impact comes from how investments in projects and recurring activities are selected, designed, implemented, and used, not just from the amount of money that is spent.

Some organizations have achieved significant performance improvements by selectively implementing changes in the way IT projects and activities are planned, selected and managed. This foundation course is a high-level overview of these "best business practices".

At the outset of the course, participants gain insight into the overall decision-making and performance management framework. Then, project and activity life-cycles are examined at three phases: selection, control, and evaluation. The best practices tools and techniques are explained and illustrated for each phase in sequence.

Participants learn about the performance-related:

  • information - what is needed and by whom
  • processes - how information is developed and communicated
  • decisions - what people do with the information to make better decisions

At the conclusion of this one day seminar, IT professionals: learn how other organizations are solving today's most pressing IT planning and management problems, are exposed to a wide variety of best practices, and assess which can be adapted to their management needs and style.

Information Technology is an Investment, Not Just an Expense!

Smart IT decisions depend upon management processes that deliver the right information to the right people when they need it.  This seminar introduces business and technical professionals to the "best practices" of leading organizations to select, control, and evaluate their IT investments.

Course Topics

IT Investment Management

  • What IT "investment management" is
  • The three investment phases
  • Critical organizational attributes
  • "Alignment" explained - strategic
    and business

Control & Evaluation

  • Business Performance Management
  • How projects are kept on track
  • How they pinpoint problems early
  • Post implementation - lessons learned

Project Selection and Funding

  • Management tools and techniques
  • Early project screening and ranking
  • Techniques for funding strategic improvements vs. maintenance

Best Practices Implementation

  • Critical success factors
  • It's not all or nothing
  • How to get started, what it will take, what to expect




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