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How to Justify IT Expenses

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How to Justify IT Expenses

How to Justify IT Expenses -- One-Day Seminar:  Learn how to write clear, brief, and persuasive explanations that tell decision-makers what they need to know to fund projects & activities. Learn how to explain project and recurring activity budget needs in terms decision-makers understand.

Projects don't justify themselves; that's why written budget justifications are needed. An effective justification is a concise "decision package" that tells decision-makers what they need to know to make informed budget decisions.

In this course, technical professionals learn and apply a systematic approach to justification-writing that produces superior funding requests in less time. Using their own project or recurring activity requests, participants learn how to pinpoint the right information and write it in a language decision-makers understand.

Step-by-step, participants learn and practice how to explain:

  • strategic alignment and the impact on business objectives,
  • why the work is needed,
  • what will be done, how, and when,
  • the benefits and costs, and
  • the risks and alternatives.

At the conclusion of this seminar, participants have:

  • learned a systematic approach for writing any type of justification,
  • completed a solid outline of an actual funding request,
  • acquired indispensable knowledge about the kinds of information that are needed to make better and faster budget decisions.

Business managers and analysts also benefit from budget requests that are in a standardized and easy-to-read format, and contain the information needed to persuade top management of a proposal's merits.

How to Justify IT Expenses Training -- The Bottom Line

A budget justification is a communications tool for conveying essential knowledge to decision-makers.  This seminar shows   non-financial professionals how to write this key "decision package" clearly, briefly, and persuasively.

Course Topics

What You Need to Write and Why

  • Why justifications are needed
  • What decision-makers want to know
  • Elements of an effective justification
  • Exercise: Which Would You Approve?

Create a "Decision Package"

  • Strategic goals & business objectives
  • Writing the statement of need
  • Outlining the plan and schedule
  • Concise risks & alternative statements

A Structured Approach

  • The 11-Step process
  • How to use a justification template
  • Project vs. activity justifications
  • Surrogates for missing information

Resource Needs and Cost Information

  • Linking resource needs to the plan
  • What you need to say about costs
  • Tools that simplify cost estimating
  • Quantifying the "unquantifiable"



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