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Introduction to IT Business Performance Management Systems

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Introduction to IT Business Performance Management Systems

Introduction to IT Business Performance Management Systems -- Two-Day Seminar:   Learn how this powerful management tool works, the benefits, and what will be required to successfully use and maintain it in this two-day seminar. Learn what IT business performance management is all about; a plain-English introduction.

There is a point in the management process when the challenge shifts from choosing which projects and activities to fund to assuring that strategies and plans are successfully executed.

Strategies and plans serve as "roadmaps" to improved performance and results. A business performance management system is a tool that help keep the IT organization on track. By continuously showing where the IT organization is in relation to its commitments, it serves as managementís "dashboard, road signs, and mileposts".

Learn how management systems function to yield a wealth of facts about how well the IT organization is executing its plans and strategies. The session opens with a "System Simulation" exercise that exposes participants to a hypothetical IT organization's performance management system in action. As they read the systemís indicators and metrics, they experience firsthand how properly visualized performance information really works.

Armed with the knowledge of what these systems are and how they are used, participants quickly grasp the practical realities of:

  • what it takes to design, implement, and maintain them,
  • the lessons learned by other organizations, and
  • the benefits to both the IT organization and the enterprise as a whole.

This course delivers invaluable knowledge to any organization that seeks to use this powerful management tool to improve IT performance and results.

Course Topics

Simulation Exercise

  • The management "dashboard"
  • Reading the pace
  • Sensing an emerging problem
  • Acting before its too late

Lessons Learned -- 50 Years of Experience

  • Critical success factors
  • What works and what doesn't
  • The benefits and costs
  • Separating the hype from reality

The Basics

  • Terminology - indicators, metrics, measures, and more
  • Why measurement is essential for successful management
  • What to measure, and how
  • "Critical few"; "balanced scorecard"

Design &  Implementation

  • The building blocks; how to plan and implement an IT business performance management system
  • What to expect, how to be prepared
  • Culture; don't ignore human factors
  • Importance of simplicity




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