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IT Business Performance Indicators and Metrics

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IT Business Performance Indicators and Metrics

IT Business Performance Indicators and Metrics -- Two-Day Seminar: -- Those tasked with crafting the system's indicators and metrics learn how to select a balanced suite of accurate, reliable, and useful indicators. Learn how to create indicators & metrics that keep the IT organization focused on its commitments.

Indicators and metrics are numeric and graphical representations of physical events. Much like a car’s speedometer or roadside milepost, they enable management to quickly "visualize" where the organization is in relation to where it is committed to be.

In this course, participants learn how to decide what to measure and how to craft sensible and useful business performance indicators and metrics. Participants learn a practical, repeatable and step-by-step process. Extensive real-world examples, practice exercises illustrate the techniques. During the sessions, each participant develops a set of IT business performance indicators for their own area of responsibility.

The instructor leads participants tasked with development of performance indicators and metrics through a systematic process to:

  • choose the most important and measurable events,
  • select quantifiable, readily measurable performance indicators,
  • create useful process, output and outcome metrics,
  • pare measurement possibilities down to "the critical few", and
  • communicate the results to IT and business management.

Participants also learn how to:

  • avoid the pitfalls that can doom an effort to failure,
  • establish a data gathering and analysis process that works, and
  • present the results in a useful and actionable format.

Course Topics

Characteristics of Useful Measures

  • What makes a "good" performance indicator, measure, metric
  • Developing measures
  • Analytic challenges
  • The "Balanced Scorecard" approach

Performance Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Establishing a practical monitoring process
  • Cost of the measure vs. user value
  • Variance detection and follow-up
  • Feedback and corrective actions

Selecting & Crafting Indicators

  • Sample project, recurring activity, budget, and finance indicators
  • The development process
  • Measures that show IT value
  • Measures for high-risk projects

Performance Visualization

  • The performance management and measurement "dashboard"
  • Performance Report contents
  • Linking to business planning
  • Linking to budget planning process




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