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Business Case
Project Motive - 6 Best Practices Seminar Webcast

Subject: IT Investment Motive  - Best Practices Seminar

Presenter: Cliff Earl, Resource Management Systems, Inc.

Venue: IT Financial Management Association Conference, St. Louis, MO,  2011

Duration: Five (5) modules; narrated - 20 to 35 minutes each. 

What is this?  Simply stated, "motive" is the business reason for approving and funding an IT project or acquisition. This seminar explains and demonstrates six fundamental best practices anyone can use to prove the business motive for investment in information technology (IT).

Who is this for?  The live seminar was designed for technical, financial, and other professionals who attended the IT Financial Management Association conference in St. Louis, MO. This web-adapted version is suitable for anyone involved in IT project investment proposal preparation or decision-making.

How do I view it?  It's simple, just click on a link (below) and the narrated presentation will open in your web browser.  Note: The seminar has been divided into five separate webcasts. RMS' webcasts do not require registration.

Webcast List & Scheduled Availability

Part 1. Seminar Introduction & Module 1-Motive
           Available now.  Runtime: Approximately 30-minutes.

Part 2. Module 2-Frame & Module 3-Claim
           Available now.  Runtime: 36-minutes.

Part 3. Module 4-Measure & Module 5-Problem
           Pending 2012

Part 4. Module 6-Objective & Module 7-Explain

Part 5. Seminar Recap & Conclusion

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